Tanner Carson

mePosition: Host, Producer, Editor, Staff Writer

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Major: Journalism/Electronic Media

Year: Senior

Tanner Carson is a senior Journalism major at UT after realizing that math wasn’t his strongest trait once he transferred to Tennessee as a Business major. He joined the Rock Solid Sports staff in Fall of 2015 and has made it his No. 1 mission to not let the studio catch on fire when he’s producing ever since. Tanner does a little bit of everything for WUTK Sports: writing, hosting, producing, and editing (he also helps the organization not catch on fire basically). He hopes to one day be a nationally-featured sportswriter, sports-talk radio/TV personality, or own his own popular sports-centered website. Pretty much wherever the path takes him while he hums the Kansas classic “Dust in the Wind” to himself along the way.

His favorite teams are Tennessee athletics (and they’ve taken years off his life), the Oakland Raiders as of summer 2016, and a somewhat semi-Braves supporter.

He listens to almost any genre of music, and really likes Queens of the Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, Kendrick Lamar, Alice in Chains, OutKast, The Sword, J. Cole (went platinum without any features did you know that?!), Led Zeppelin, The Clash and many, many more.

Follow him on Twitter @TCarson__ and watch him overreact to sporting events, share fire tunes and generally complain about random things.